Position: Entry level

Job type: Part-time

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Are you frustrated with internet search results that don’t give you what you need? Please help us improve the top search engines in the world!

We’re looking for Search Engine Evaluators who can quickly determine a user’s search intention and then be able rank the search results in order of most helpful to least helpful. It’s a simple 2-step process to determine if a query is valid or invalid then simply rank the top 5 search results from two different search engines, and boom, you’re done!


~10 hours per week minimum (as tasks are available)

~Desktop or Laptop only, no mobile phone or tablet

~English skills

~English fluency in your current Country

Please follow the steps below on how to apply for the project:

1. Visit the Appen website using the link below:


2. Choose English (Canada) as your primary language.

3. Complete the Registration page and click the Submit Application button to create your account

4. Once your account has been created, click the ’All Projects’ Tab and look for this project – “Popple”.

5. Choose the "Apply" button to start your qualification to the project.

Don’t miss the chance to earn extra income working from the comfort of your own home. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends!

• Work from home with flexible hours

• You can work on our projects around your other jobs

A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!

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Deadline: 30-03-2024

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