Position: Entry level

Job type: Full-time

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  • Assemble refrigeration components for our prepackaged cooling and heating refrigeration units.
  • Braze and test all refrigeration joints.
  • Assemble medium and low voltage wiring according to our standard wiring diagrams.
  • Evacuate and charge each unit and put on our test bench for 24 hour run cycle
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues and perform any repairs as required and make adjustments to the refrigeration cycle according to our manufacturing guidelines.
  • Perform detailed quality checks as outlined in our manufacturing manual.
  • Assist in inventory management of parts and materials.
  • Label equipment parts as required.
  • Perform electrical testing as required.
  • Be extremely organized and communicate openly and effectively with our manager of engineering and manufacturing.
  • Obtain all health and safety training requirements for this position
  • Work safely and diligently and maintain quality assurance records and traceability documentation.
  • English should be a first language but French or other secondary languages may also be an asset.
  • The ideal candidate would be a certified refrigeration technician and licensed in the province of Ontario and have field experience on small to medium-size refrigeration systems found in industry or large commercial systems.
  • Knowledge of advanced systems using electronic expansion valves and variable speed compressors would be an asset.
  • Fundamental knowledge of controls and sensing would be necessary.
Travel: Not Required
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Deadline: 01-04-2024

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