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Update day: 09-02-2024

Location: Montreal Québec

Category: Marketing / PR


Salary: $50,000–$70,000 a year

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Hey maestro, it’s time to take to the bandstand along with Transit’s marketing team, where public transportation, tech, graphic design and comms each weave together like a string quartet. Our team is made up of designers and wordsmiths whose (famously quirky) compositions echo through the industry and into the ears of Transit’s partners in our 300+ supported cities.

You’ll coordinate our team’s daily operations, waving your conductor’s baton to keep the marketing team on-time and in-key. From newsletters, to monthly email updates to our partners, to our social media calendar, blogs, and app store release notes, you’ll manage the dissemination of all of our comms and report on their performance. You’ll also fine-tune our marketing tools and docs, making sure they’re in sync and accessible to team members.

And while this role won’t require you to lug your briefcase of scores onto the metro, you’ll coordinate those grand recitals that we call conferences, from New Orleans to Paris to LA to DC to everywhere in between. From the opening act to the final curtain call, you’ll get things arranged and hash out details big and small, making sure the Transit orchestra looks as dapper as it sounds, and even attend some in-person — no white bowtie required.

Want to add your voice to the mix? Shoot us a note! Here’s what you can expect from this role:

  • You’ll help coordinate and create partner- and user-directed communications, from Mailchimp newsletters and Hubspot email blasts, to helping schedule our posts on social media, to keeping our blog up-to-date

  • You’ll organize our marketing materials so they’re readily accessible by the business team

  • Our team attends 15 or so conferences every year, across the US, Canada, and Europe. You’ll be our point-person for conference prep: from registering for conferences, to organizing Transit speaking engagements and partner events, to planning our booth and happy hours, to coming to some of the events themselves, to coordinating emails and marketing materials for partners

  • Outside of conferences, you’ll help us plan and organize IRL events and webinars (which we wholeheartedly love, since they don’t require us to fly ✈️️‍️) to introduce current partners and potential clients to our wheelhouse of products and services

  • Impeccable English. (95% of our business involves partners in the US, English Canada, and other countries who conduct their business in Joni Mitchell’s mother tongue. However, in an ideal world, you’d be à l’aise belting out your jazz standards in French like Édith Piaf.)

  • Obsessively organized and detail-oriented: you are the type of person who doesn’t leave their house without their agenda

  • A steady quill: while you’ll have the support of copywriters, you’ll often have to draft written material on behalf of the company

  • You are a people person! You enjoy meeting and talking to folks on- and offline

  • Google Sheets doesn’t give you night tremors (you’ll have some spreadsheet tasks)

  • You have some experience in marketing or communications

  • You have experience in startups or the public transit industry

  • You’re familiar with marketing tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Wordpress (if not, we’ll get you up to date)

  • You know how to navigate your city without your own car, monkey-branching from bus to bikeshare to scooter to subway to ridehail without batting an eyelash

  • The more languages you can speak, write, and play Scrabble in, the better

Don’t feel like all the requirements apply to you but you still think you’d be a great fit for Transit? Don’t hesitate to apply!


$50,000 CAD - $70,000 CAD per year, based on experience

  • Stock options

  • Comprehensive medical and dental coverage

  • 5 weeks vacation

  • Four-day work week at full-time salary (yes, you read that right)

  • Apple laptop and equipment

  • $1,500 annual mobility allowance. STM? BIXI? Uber? E-bike? Scooter? Going car-free is free at Transit.

  • A training and development budget

  • Generous maternal/paternal/parental leave policy. Gotta fill out our tandem bicycles somehow!

  • Flexible work hours

  • Spend your days surrounded by first-rate teammates and the best view of Montreal and/or (insert exotic Zoom background)

  • When you’re in the office: you’ll be in urbanist heaven, surrounded by Mile End’s urban gardens, bike paths, BIXI docks, bus stops, a metro station, and limitless restaurants… cafés… bars… concert halls… bagel boutiques…

  • Communal lunch-and-learn with free food in the office each week


Public transit is used by overwhelmingly more women and people of colour than other modes of transportation. We try to make sure the diversity of our users is reflected in the team that serves them. Because when we include people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and identities — we end up building a better app for everyone who uses Transit.

We encourage candidates of all ages, genders, origins and orientations to apply. If you’d like to specify which pronouns you use, feel free to include that in your application email.

And if your lived experience has given you a unique perspective on all things transportation, mobility, accessibility, urbanism? Let us know, and we’ll make sure your application gets the attention it merits.


We’d love to hear from you. Send your resume and any other relevant info.

Also, how have you heard about the position? Whispers, grapevines, middle-of-the-night Google searches? We’re dying to know.

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Deadline: 25-03-2024

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