Fisheries Biologist

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Update day: 25-02-2024

Location: Guelph Ontario

Category: R & D IT - Software

Industry: Human Resources Services

Position: Mid-Senior level

Job type: Full-time

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Minnow Environmental Inc., a Trinity Consultants Company, is a leader in Aquatic Environmental Consulting Services, conducting aquatic environmental studies in freshwater and marine environments across Canada. We are a firm of aquatic scientists with multidisciplinary expertise (aquatic chemistry, geochemistry, aquatic biology, aquatic ecology, aquatic toxicology, hydrology, hydrogeology, hydrodynamic modelling, and environmental statistics) serving the Canadian natural resource sector with offices in Georgetown ON, Guelph ON, Saskatoon SK, Sparwood BC, and Victoria BC. We are currently seeking candidates for the position of Fisheries Biologist. The position of Fisheries Biologist will involve planning and implementing projects across Canada, with a focus on the characterization and assessment of fish habitat, fish communities, and fish population health. Integration of other elements of aquatic environmental assessment will also be required, including geomorphology, limnology, hydrology, water quality, sediment quality, and lower trophic level biology (plankton, periphyton, benthic invertebrates). The position will also involve assisting Senior Project Managers with components of large multi-disciplinary projects and providing subject matter expertise in fish and fish habitat science. The position will be subject to mentoring and supervision by senior Minnow staff. The position also provides the opportunity to mentor junior staff and to build Minnow’s reputation in aquatic sciences through exemplary project execution, deliverable quality, and participation in industry association meetings and technical conferences. The successful candidate will have an advanced degree together with 5-plus years of relevant experience including:

  • collection of fish from various habitats using a variety of methods;
  • fish community characterization;
  • collection and interpretation of fish population and fish health data;
  • fish habitat characterization in support of Fisheries Act Authorizations; and
  • specialist level knowledge of habitat requirements for Canadian freshwater fish species. The successful candidate will also have exceptional organizational skills, an eye for detail, strong communication skills, excellent technical writing skills, substantial experience in aquatic sampling, and knowledge of software applications including MS Word, MS Excel, and statistical packages. The candidate must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to travel and work in remote locations.
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Deadline: 10-04-2024

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